17 February 2020

Taxed at source? You can still save with Taxdone!

Let's take the example of James, 35 years old, living in Aargau. He was taxed at source, and it turned out Taxdone was able to save him over 2'000 francs. Most people taxed at source are expats or immigrants and, in theory, they don't need to hand in a tax return.

But in James' case, it turned out very beneficial.

On a Monday, By filling out our online tool, James was able to identify quite a few deductions. By uploading his receipts to Taxdone, our team was able to create his tax return ready for his signature. On Wednesday, after submitting his tax information, his tax return was sent back to him, reviewed by our experts.

In 2019, while taxed at source, this client had paid over 11'000 francs in taxes. Taxdone was able to get back more than 2'200 francs.

In 2018, he was only able to get a refund for 1'200 francs, when he still did his tax return himself and earned roughly the same.

Doing your taxes can be exhausting and confusing. Also, you might not be able to get back the refund you deserve.

With Taxdone, you can make sure that you get everything right.

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