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Our average client saves over CHF 1'200 in taxes. We mix AI and tax experts, so we get all the deductions right.

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Simple, transparent pricing

Because complicated is boring

You are married (+ CHF 49.-)
You own your home in Switzerland (+ CHF 49.-)
You have children (+ CHF 19.- per child)
You are self-employed (+ CHF 99.-)
You have more than 5 accounts (+ CHF 19.-)
You have more than 1 job, excluding job change
(+ CHF 19.-)
Disclaimer: all our fixed prices are based on the assumption, that the information you provide to us is complete and accurate. If the processing of your tax return requires additional clarification or the information you provided is incorrect or incomplete, we will charge the additional effort by the hour at a rate of CHF 150.-/h. This additional charge will be raised with a separate invoice.



Base case includes:
- single with no kids
- 5 accounts or less,
- 1 full time job, including job change
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