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From refunds of tax at source to the declaration of foreign real estate and other complex situations, our real accountants help and advise you, guaranteed done right.

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B permit? We evaluate and claim refund on your behalf.

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Real estate or income abroad? Stock options? Crypto? We advise.

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I have just filed my Swiss taxes with them, and they've been fantastically responsive for any questions I had. When I had one glitch, they fixed it immediately.
Lives in Zurich
I have just filed my Swiss taxes thanks to the team. They made it extremely easy, and extremely helpful for any questions I had. I have already recommended to all my friends!
Lives in Zurich
I took 10 pictures with my phone and they could file my taxes. The team has been supportive and responsive. Thanks Taxdone.
Lives in Geneva
Simple straightforward and easy to use, whether you have experience or not. I would recommend them to anyone.
Lives in Zurich
I never feel overwhelmed with Taxdone... you have guided me through joint returns, filing as a homeowner, and a couple of tax brackets. The tool asks the right questions and the website is easy to use. My return from last year is easy to access. I have been a very satisfied customer for two years in a row."
Lives in St Gallen
As I have a B permit, I am taxed at source. Taxdone helped me claim back two thousand francs. Last year, I did not get anything. Very happy about the service. The website is in three languages, clear and easy to use.
Lives in Aargau
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