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Taxdone is part of a group of firms that strives to improve the financial wellbeing of individuals and companies alike.
For individuals, we provide a range of services from tax filing and advice to asset management and wealth planning.
For companies, our group offers accounting services, tax advice and financial planning.

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Simplewealth makes investment easy with the use of a professional automated investment service.

Troschel Treuhand

Troschel Treuhand is a well-established Swiss-registered fiduciary and consulting firm. It offers services to small- and medium-sized Swiss businesses and private clients, as well as to international firms and to individuals with Swiss-based activities.

Orthos Advisory

Orthos Advisory is an independent investment counseling firm which helps clients to manage their investments in a professional and cost-effective way. They operate by managing portfolios directly under a power of attorney, or by giving broader advisory services to clients who prefer to take the implementation in their own hands. Orthos further distinguishes itself for an innovative approach to pricing its services.
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