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We don't sell your data and work hard to keep it confidential. We process in Switzerland with tools and infrastructure from the USA.

1. Introduction

This privacy statement informs you of the purposes for which we collect, process and use personal data when you use the services provided by Taxdone. The provider of services is Taxdone, Uetlibergstrasse 38, 8045 Zurich (hereinafter: “Taxdone” or “we”). Taxdone is also responsible for the collection, processing and use of personal data of users of the Taxdone (hereinafter “you”). You can reach us by e-mail:

2. Taxdone data protection principles

The protection and safe processing of your data is important to us. We are aware of the sensitive nature of your tax data. The data you supply remains your data. Without your consent we will not use your data for other purposes than the ones stated in this privacy statement nor pass it on to third parties. If you provide us with tax information in the context of the app or the website, we will only process and use it to prepare and, if desired, submit the tax return, invoice these services in the case of chargeable services, make the use of the Taxdone more convenient and fulfill our statutory obligations if applicable. We want to implement the processing of your data in a way that is both data-minimizing and safe. Therefore, we limit the amount of data collected and transmitted to a minimum. The submission of your tax return to the tax office is done using encrypted connections.

3. Data processing

3a. Registration data
As part of the introduction, we ask for your name and e-mail address, which we use to create your Taxdone user account and contact you if necessary. This information is also called “registration data” in the following. We create a Taxdone user account on the basis of the registration data. The infrastructure is maintained from the United States of America or partly provided from there. As we process sensitive data, we also strive to ensure maximum transparency in this respect. In order to verify your email account, we will send you a confirmation email with a confirmation link. Once you have verified the email address, registration is complete. The registration data is used to set up the Taxdone user account and to prepare the contractual relationship. The registration data is stored as long as the Taxdone user account exists and is kept following the closure of the account unless specifically required.

3b. Data processing - tax data
The app collects tax relevant data (referred to as “tax information” henceforth) via the question catalogue. It includes information on marital status, employment, address, religious affiliation, occupation, employer, information from the annual wage tax statement or the most recent payroll, responsible tax office, tax identification number, education training, expenses for work, your sources of income. The tax information can include particularly sensitive personal data on health or information on religious affiliation. We explicitly point out that we process this tax information for provision of the Taxdone service exclusively. We store the tax information and the tax return in order to make next year’s tax return easier for you. The tax information and documents can be stored in the United States of America.

3c. Data processing - payment
Payment is processed by the external payment service provider Stripe. Stripe also handles repayment, invoicing and security aspects of payment transactions and abuse prevention. Stripe receives from us the data required for payment processing (name and bank details) and informs us of the receipt of payment. Taxdone only saves the incoming payment in connection with the Taxdone user account in order to be able to assign incoming payments.

4. Support and no tax advice

Should you have questions regarding the Taxdone services feel free to contact our customer support anytime. We do, however, point out that we do not provide individual tax advice and cannot answer support inquiries in that regard. We have recommended tax advisors for tax related questions that cannot be solved by the app.

5. Usage data analysis

We use usage data analysis technologies to continuously improve and optimize the app and the Taxdone services, to statistically record and analyze general usage behavior and to offer you the best possible user experience. The data about the use of our website is stored exclusively pseudonymously, i.e. under a separate identifier and not using your name or other directly identifying information. You can object to data collection for the purpose of usage data analysis (opt-out).

6. Transmissions

Part of the data processing described in this data protection declaration may be carried out by our service providers. In addition to the service providers mentioned in this data protection declaration, this may include data centers that store our databases, IT service providers that maintain our systems, and consulting firms. If we pass data on to our service providers, they may use the data exclusively for the fulfillment of their tasks. The service providers have been carefully selected and commissioned by us. They are contractually bound by our instructions, have appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to protect the rights of the persons concerned and are regularly monitored by us. In addition, it may be disclosed in connection with official inquiries, court orders, and legal proceedings if it is necessary for legal prosecution or enforcement.

7. Your rights

You can request information about the processing of your personal data by us at any time. We will explain the data processing and provide you with an overview of the data stored about you as part of the provision of information. If data stored with us is incorrect or no longer up-to-date, you can have this data corrected. You may also request that your data be deleted. If, in exceptional cases, deletion is not possible due to other legal regulations, the data will be blocked so that they are only available for this legal purpose. You may also have the processing of your data restricted, e.g. if you believe that the data we have stored is incorrect. On request, we can send you a digital copy of the personal data you have provided.

8. Changes

Taxdone reserves the right to alter this privacy statement. The Terms of Service apply accordingly. You can view the current versions of Taxdone’s privacy statement and terms of service at any time on this page.

Version: 1.0 / As of August 2019

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